Community of Writers at Squaw Valley

The community of writers at Squaw Valley is an annual writers’ conference that his summer sessions in Squaw Valley, California (Olympic Valley) holds. Panels, discussions, staff lectures and workshops will take place in off-season ski lodges. Created by novelist Oakley Hall and writer Blair Fuller in 1969, is held every summer in Olympic Valley, California . The first in August 1970 conference was held in the lodges of the ski area. It was originally staffed by San Francisco writers including David Perlman, Walter BALLENGER, Barnaby Conrad  and John Leggett ,  the latter two of whom also found, respectively, the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and the Napa Valley Writers Conference.

The community of writers is a non-profit organization and a governing board of directors.

In 2003 voted the board of directors for the name of the organization of Squaw Valley Community changed writers, to the community of writers at Squaw Valley. It was in response to some Native Americans and others’ belief that in some contexts the name “squaw” is derogatory. The Board decided that it was best to change the name, that it Squaw Valley to the place name refers only to distance himself from any historical controversy or discomfort with the word.