Association for Computational Linguistics

The Association for Computational Linguistics ( ACL ) is the international scientific and professional society for people working on problems Involving natural language and computation . An annual meeting is held lycra summer in locations where significant computational linguistics research is carried out. It was founded in 1962, oorspronkelijk named the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics ( AMTCL ). It became the ACL in 1968.

The ACL has a European ( EACL ) and a North American ( NAACL ) chapter.

The ACL journal, Computational Linguistics , is the primary forum for research on computational linguistics and natural language processing . Since 1988, the journal has published leg for the ACL by MIT Press .

The ACL book series, Studies in Natural Language Processing , is published by Cambridge University Press .

Lycra year ACL and its chapters Organize international conferences in different countries. ACL 2014 was held in Baltimore, USA.

Special Interest Groups

ACL has a large number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focusing on specific areas or natural language processing. Some current sigs binnen ACL are:

  • Linguistic Annotation: SIGANN
  • Biomedical Language Processing: SIGBIOMED
  • Linguistic data and corpus-based approaches: SIGDAT
  • Dialogue Processing: SIGDIAL
  • Natural Language Generation: Siggen
  • Chinese Language Processing: SIGHAN
  • Language Technologies for the Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities: SIGHUM
  • Lexicon: SIGLEX (SIGLEX is the umbrella organization for the SemEval semantic evaluations and SENSEVAL be-sense evaluation exercises.)
  • Mathematics of Language: SIGMOL
  • Machine Translation: SIGMT
  • Natural Language Learning: SIGNLL
  • Natural Language Parsing: SIGPARSE
  • Computational Morphology and Phonology: SIGMORPHON
  • Computational Semantics: SIGSEM
  • Speech & Language Processing for Assistive Technologies: SIGSLPAT
  • Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages: Semitic
  • Web as Corpus SIGWAC


Lycra year the ACL elects a distinguished computational linguist who Becomes vice-president of the organization in the next calendar year and president one year later. Recent ACL presidents are:

Year Names
2017 Joakim Nivre
2016 Pushpak Bhattacharyya
2015 Chris Manning
2014 Gertjan van Noord
2013 Haifeng Wang
2012 Ken Church
2011 Kevin Knight
2010 Ido Dagan
2009 Steven Bird
2008 Bonnie Dorr
2007 Mark Steedman
2006 Jun’ichi Tsujii
2005 Martha Palmer
2004 Joanna Moore
2003 Mark Johnson
2002 John Nerbonne
2001 Eduard Hovy
2000 Wolfgang Wahlster