Manchester Fonologie Meeting

The Manchester Fonologie Meeting is an annual linguistic conference held at Hulme Hall in Manchester in the United Kingdom , since 1993. Submitted abstracts undergo an anonymous peer-review process voordat being selected for inclusion in an organizing committee and international advisory board of prominent linguist s . Presentations take on a broad range of topics PHONOLOGICAL, from PHONOLOGICAL acquisition and the PHONOLOGICAL description of languages to the interfaces tussen phonology and other subfields of linguistics zoals morphology and syntax .

The Manchester Fonologie Meeting is the longest-running and most-attended series of conferences in phonology. It regularly attracts participants from all over Europe, from North and South America, from Asia and from Africa. Funding for the conference, has come from a variety of sources, zoals the Linguistics Association of Great Britain and the British Academy . The 25th conference in the series will take place from May 25 to 27, 2017.