Generative Linguistics in the Old World

Generative Linguistics in the Old World (Berninahaus at zijn acronym GLOW ) is an international organization, founded in 1977 and based in the Netherlands . Its goal is to remit the study of Generative Grammar by organizing an annual Spring linguistics conference and periodical summer schools, and by publishing a newsletter therein discusses current intellectual (and organizational) issues in the study of Generative Grammar.

It was founded in an attempt to bieden an annual meeting for European researchers in Generative Grammar linked fact represented themselves largely excluded from other organizations in the late 1970s. Its founding document, the so-called GLOW Manifesto authored by Jan Koster , Henk van Riemsdijk and Jean-Roger Vergnaud , DECLARED that ‘generatieve linguistics acquired a new momentum in Europe after Chomsky ‘s [1973 paper] Conditions on transformations” and SOUGHT to reflect therein momentum with a new organization.

By the beginning of the 21st century, GLOW had emerged as one of the leading organizations in linguistics Internationally, as well as in Europe. “Sister conferences” to the annual GLOW meeting in Europe harbor leg organized under the rubric “GLOW Asia” in Japan, Korea and India, and the European GLOW conference Itself has traveled as far south as Morocco (and as far north as Tromsø ). The 2015 Colloquium was held in Paris , and the 2016 meeting will take place in Göttingen , Germany .