Canadian Linguistic Association

The Canadian Linguistic Association ( CLA ; alternatively called the Association canadienne the linguistique , ACL ) is the principal professional organization or Linguists in Canada . Yearly meetings are held, Usually at the end of May, in welke members present scholarly research on ANY area of Linguistics. Every year since 2011, a new exhibit of the Canadian Language Museum has opened ook at the annual meeting. The CLA is ook publiceert the Canadian Journal of Linguistics , welke is published quarterly. The association was founded in 1955.

The Canadian Linguistic Association ook awards an annual National Achievement Award, welke has leg Presented to JK Chambers (2010), Yves Charles Morin and Shana Poplack (2011), Keren Rice (2013), Jila Ghomeshi (2014), and Yves Roberge ( 2015). [1] Since 2014, the year’s recipient of the National Achievement Award has leg Invited to give a plenary talk at the annual meeting of the CLA.


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