International Congress of Linguists

The International Congress of Linguists ( ICL ) takes place everytime five years, under the governance of the Standing International Committee of Linguists (pICL) / Committee International Permanent des Linguistes ( CIPL ). The last congress was held in Geneva , Switzerland in 2013. [1] The next congress will take place in Cape Town , South Africa from 2-6 July 2018 and will be on the topic of “The Diversity of Language”. [2]

19th International Congress of Linguists

The Swiss Linguistics Society (SSG) Proposed dat de 19e congress mention anything be organized in Ferdinand de Saussure ‘s city Geneva , one century after his death to commemorate one his important contributions to the field of linguistics . The events took place from July 21 to July 27, 2013. [3]

The 19th ICL was about the language-cognition interface , [4] a topic or cognitive linguistics based on the foundational work of Ferdinand de Saussure , a Swiss linguist who is widely Considered one of the fathers of 20th-century linguistics. During the Congress, several sessions will be held about major aspects of linguistics , zoals the origin of language , phonology , morphology , syntax , semantics , pragmatiek , Psycholinguïstiek , and sociolinguistiek . [5]

Previous venues

The 18th International Congress of Linguists took place in 2008 in the city of Seoul , South Korea . [6]

The ICL was started in in April 1928 The Hague [7] where it organized zijn first edition, and subsequent editions port leg hero cities zoals Geneva in 1931, [8] Rome in 1933 and Copenhagen in 1936 [9] and more Recently Paris in 1997. [10]


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