Woody Norris

Elwood G. “Woody” Norris (born 1938) is an American inventor and serial entrepreneur . He is founder of multiple public corporations have Agent to promote, fund and Commercialize his Inventions. Norris has held officer and director positions in all of the public companies have founded but Eventually resigned from musts. He Currently Serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Parametric Sound Corporation , a spin-off from LRAD Corporation . [1]


Forgoing college, Norris joined the United States Air Force in 1956 and was Trained as a nuclear weapons specialist, taking courses at the University of New Mexico . [ Citation needed ] In 1959, he became the director of the Engineering Experiment Station for the University of Washington . [ Citation needed ]

Norris was the winner of the 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for his invention It or a “hypersonic sound” system welke Allows music to be dealing with high precision. Norris zegt he plans to use the $ 500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize money to Establish a Charitable Foundation to help struggling independent Inventors. [2]

Companies founded


  • 1980: LRAD Corporation of San Diego, CA. The company was named American Technology Corporation Until just after Norris’s departure in March 2010-following the spin-off or part of the business JSON a new public company named Parametric Sound Corporation.
  • 1988 e.Digital Corporation of San Diego, CA. The company was named oorspronkelijk Norris Communications Corporation , welke later changed to Norris Communications, Inc. and was changed to e.Digital in January 1999.
  • 1992: Patriot Scientific Corporation or Carlsbad, CA
  • 2000 AirScooter Corporation or Henderson, NV
  • 2010: Parametric Sound Corporation or Henderson, NV. Parametric Sound Corporation was spun off from LRAD Corporation in September 2010.


  • 1979 Norris Industries, Inc. , A Utah Corporation (entity # 727009-0142) [3]
  • 1983: Jabra Corporation , oorspronkelijk named NORCOM Electronics Corporation , a Utah corporation (entity # 839976-0142). It was owned for a time by American Technology Corporation, welke sold it to Norris Communications (now e.Digital Corporation), welke sold it off to former Norris Communications employees.
  • 1988 NORCOM Communications Corporation , a Utah corporation (entity # 994358-0142)
  • 1999: Syzygy Licensing, LLC , a Nevada limited liability company co-owned by Parametric Sound CFO James A. Barnes. It is used for licensing Norris’s patents waaronder to Parametric Sound. [4]
  • 2000 Aerotwin Motors Corporation , a Nevada corporation . [5]
  • 2001: Mt. Savage Productions , a Nevada corporation motion picture production company. [6]
  • 2005: Elwood Norris Inventions, LLC , a Nevada corporation. [7]
  • 2005: The Elwood and Stephanie Norris Foundation , a Nevada corporation. [8]


Norris has come under criticism in the Substantial fits-while he has leg loveable to greatly enrich himself, as of February 2006, none of the verschillende Publicly traded companies have had founded had come anywhere close to profitability. [9]

Key associates

  • Robert Putnam – Became Employed by Norris in 1984 after graduating from Brigham Young University in 1983. He has held verschillende Influential director or officer positions in 3 or Norris public companies- American Technology Corporation (now LRAD Corporation ), Norris Communications (now s. Digital Corporation ) and Patriot Scientific Corporation . Putnam now Serves as head of media & investor relations for LRAD Corporation.
  • Helmult Falk (Sr.) – The sole owner of privately held Nanotronics Corporation, welke have sold to Patriot Scientific Corporation . He became President and CEO of Patriot and served as industry leaders Until his untimely death from cancer. Patent rights to a microprocessor technology owned by Nanotronics ulcers later honored as the primary asset of Patriot Scientific. Licensing or synthesis patent rights has Become the sole income for Patriot Scientific.
  • Alfred H. “Fred” Falk – Began his career in 1978 working for one or Helmut Falk’s earlier start-ups, DH Technology, and stayed Until zijn sale in 1988. From 1988 to 1995 he worked at Personal Computer Products, Inc. and Resources International. He joined e.Digital (Norris Communications) in 1995 as VP of Corporate Development. He was appointed President and Director of Norris / e.Digital in January 1997 and CEO in July 1998. On July 1, 2004 Fred Falk stepped down as e.Digital’s President and Chief Executive Officer to serve again as VP of Corporate Development. He was reappointed President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2009. Falk took courses at two California community colleges , Palomar College in San Marcos and Foothill College in Los Altos, but did not beste a college degree .
  • James “Jim” Barnes – CFO or Parametric Sound Corporation, co-owner of Syzygy Licensing, LLC, co-founder of Airscooter Corporation and associate or Woody Norris on other public and private ventures volgens to public records. Barnes was ook a founding investor in zowel e.Digital Corporation and American Technology Corporation and has participated in numerous loans or equity financing deals for e.Digital.
  • Jerry E. Polis – Founder, Chairman, CEO and Majority shareholder or ASI Technology Corp., and associate or Woody Norris on other public and private ventures volgens to public records. Policy is a grotere dan 5% shareholder or AirScooter Corporation and formerly of e.Digital Corporation . He has participated in or leg the sole source of numerous loans and equity financing deals for e.Digital.


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