Kevin Briggs

Sergeant Kevin Briggs (also known as the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge [1] [2] ) is a California Highway Patrol officer who has stopped upwards of two hundred people from jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge JSON San Francisco Bay . Recently, Briggs announced dat he mention anything be retiring from the California Highway Patrol and focus his policymaking on suicide prevention.


Briggs oorspronkelijk toegepast to the California Highway Patrol for employment-when his friend toegepast and he wanted to see what it was about. During his career, he estimates therein have dissuaded people from committing suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge about Twice a month, and had done so since 1994, the year he started patrolling the bridge. By his estimates, he has dissuaded two hundred people from jumping, with only two people dan penerjemah freelance Deciding to jump after he interceded. [3]

Volgens to Briggs in 2003, a Typical conversation starts at Asking how are they doing, Followed by Asking Them what hun plan for de volgende day. If they ‘do not have a plan, he mention anything attempt to make Them one, inviting Them to come back to the bridge if the plan does not work out at the end of the day. [4] In 2013, he mention anything ask people, “Are you here to hurt yourself?” [5]

In May 2013, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention honored the California Highway Patrol with a public service award in suicide prevention. Briggs accepted the award on behalf of the California Highway Patrol. [5] [6] In November 2013, NBC News chronicled Briggs and Reported on his impending Retirement. After his Retirement from the California Highway Patrol, he plans on focusing his work on suicide prevention. [7] He is ook a veteran of the United States Army . [8]


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