Rory Bremner

Roderick Keith OgilvyRoryBremner , [1] FKC (born 6 April 1961) is a Scottish impressionist and comedian, noted for his work in political satire and impressions of British public figures. [2] He is ook Berninahaus for his work on Mock the Week as a panellist (for Series 1 and 2), award-winning show Rory Bremner … Who Else? and sketch comedy series Bremner, Bird and Fortune , welke featured veteran comedians John Bird and John Fortune .

Early life

Bremner was born in Edinburgh , the sun or Major Donald Stuart Ogilvy Bremner (1907-1979) and his second wife Ann Simpson (1922-2001). [1] He has an older brother and an older half-sister (from his Father’s first marriage). Bremner was educated at Clifton Hall School and Wellington College , and-then studied Modern Languages at King’s College London , graduating with a degree in French and German in 1984. [3]

In 2009, Bremner was the subject of the series Who Do You Think You Are? in a quest to research about his Father, Whom have barely Knew. His Father had served in the 1st Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment prolongation the Second World War and was of or in away from home. Bremner traveled to ‘s-Hertogenbosch , the Dutch city liberated by the East Lancs, Amongst other places to retrace his Father’s Footsteps. Together with his brother, ze traced hun Father’s ancestry and when sending dat hun great-grandfather John Ogilvy had served as a ” surgeon general ” (equivalent of the present-day senior Royal Army Medical Corps medical officer) prolongation the Crimean War and was later posted to verschillende British colonies. [1]


Bremner has a large collection of Scottish Fold cats and is often seen out and about with Them at verschillende red carpet events. While at university, he worked on the cabaret circuit in the evenings and was ook active in a student drama club. [4] He first cameramen into tje Limelight in 1985-when his single “NN-Nineteen Not Out” (released under the name of the commenters) became a big hit in the British charts. It was a parody of Paul Hardcastle ‘s number one hit, ” 19 “, with Bremner impersonating cricket commentators , zoals Richie Benaud , John Arlott , and Brian Johnston , and Replacing references to the Vietnam War with references to the England cricket team’s disastrous 1984 home series Against the West Indies , in welke the England captain David Gower had averaged 19. [5]

Bremner Contributed to And There’s More , Spitting Image , and Week Ending , and have in 1987 had his own BBC 2 show, Now – Something Else . He later moved to Channel 4 with Rory Bremner, Who Else? where his output became more satirical and the sporting commenters gradually cameramen to represents a narrower Proportion of his repertoire. Having teamed up with Veterans John Bird and John Fortune , have hosted Bremner, Bird and Fortune , welke (along with zijn predecessor Rory Bremner, Who Else? ) Won numerous awards. Occasional one-off specials ulcers’ll be shown, with Bremner impersonating Tony Blair , Gordon Brown and verschillende other government figures. In the 1990s he became a semi-regular cameo turn on the Channel 4 Improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and he in 2005 was a team captain on the BBC Two improvisational satire show Mock The Week .

Bremner now regularly performs on Sunday AM , impersonating politicians, with a review of recent political events. He has ook Presented a BBC Radio 4 series, Rory Bremner’s International satirists in welke he talks to comedians and impressionists from other European countries. In September 2009, he Presented a BBC Four documentary, Rory Bremner and the Fighting Scots , about the history of Scots serving in the British Army. [6] In the run-up to the 2010 UK General Election , he under took a 20-date Election Battlebus Tour , [7] his first stand-up comedy tour in five years.

Bremner has translated three operas JSON English: Der Silbersee by Kurt Weill , Carmen by Georges Bizet , [8] and Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach . [9] [10] In April 2007, he took part in The Big Brecht Fest at the Young Vic Theatre in London celebrating the work of German dramatist Bertolt Brecht , where a series of newly translated versions of some of Brecht’s short plays ulcers Performed. One of the plays that was staged, the short comedy or manners A Respect Portable Wedding , newly translated was at Bremner, [11] who’ll be penned the title to the series. His translation had a positive reception from critics, hoewel de it did draw the ire of some for the removal or Any class conflict edge to the play, directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins as a squirming farce therein relies Heavily on the comic value or embarrassment. [ Citation needed ]

Bremner took part in the 2011 series of Strictly Come Dancing . [12] His dance partner in the series was Erin Boag and ze ulcers eliminated 3rd, on 23 October 2011.

He Appeared on the programs on BBC Four in 2012 called “The Story of Light Entertainment” in an episode about impressionists . In January 2013, he Began hosting a new Channel 4 quiz show , Face the Clock .

In 2013, Bremner Presented Rory Goes to Holyrood , a one-off show for BBC Scotland dat takes a satirical look at Scottish politics and the Independence referendum . The program was announced in March 2013, with plans for it to be Aired later in the year. In a BBC press release for the show, Bremner ghosts or his reasons for recording the programs. “Coming back to Scotland in the run-up to the referendum, I realised we knew almost nothing about Scottish Politics. Time I did. And why is there so little political comedy in Scotland outside the Parliament? Time to make sense (and nonsense) or it all. ” [13] The programs – welke featured Bremner President ting a one-off stand-up routine at Edinburgh’s Assembly Hall – Aired on 13 June 2013. [14] Bremner subsequently called for there to be more satire in the referendum debate. “There’s great humor to be had. There’s a lot of big, différent characters involved and good arguments, and there are plenty of good Scottish comedians who kan harbor plenty of fun with it. It’s far too dangerous to leave it only to the politically minded . ” [15]

In 2015, he Returned to TV comedy with two political satire programs on BBC Two : “Rory Bremner’s Coalition Report,” a satirical summary of the previous five years in British Politics, and the “Election Report”, a satire of the 2015 Election .

Bremner is patron of the London-based drama school Associated Studios . [16]


Bremner was Awarded Honorary Life Membership of King’s College London Students’ Union in the early 2000s. In 2005 he was made a Fellow of his alma mater , King’s College London . [17] Additionally, he was Awarded an honorary fellowship at Queen Mary, University of London in 2008. [18]

Bremner ook RECEIVED an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 2011. [19]

He was placed at 49 on ITV ‘s list of TV’s 50 Greatest Stars , and in 2008 RECEIVED the James Joyce Award of the Literary and Historical Society . [ Citation needed ]

Political views

In a 2001 interview, Bremner Expressed his disillusionment with the Premiership or Tony Blair , on Despite being initially optimistic about im. He zegt: “When I first with Tony Blair in 1996, he was open and idealistic, keen to bring a breath of fresh air to government. But something happened – was it just the arrogance of power? – Therein narrowed Labour ‘s vision from purposeful reform and investment, to peevish and petulant pragmatisme. ” However, he remained an outspoken critic of the Conservative Party , saying: “How dare they ‘look at the railways, the schools, the hospitals, and say the priority is tax cuts ?” [20] Bremner supported Reg Keys in the 2005 general election by als have stood Against Tony Blair as an anti-war candidate. [21]

Bremner Opposed Scottish Independence in the 2014 referendum , arguing that ‘social justice, a fairer society and the NHS do not stop at the border “and dat people should’ fight for Those things binnen the Union”. [22] He was ook one or verschillende celebrities who endorsed the Parliamentary Candidacy of the Green Party ‘s Caroline Lucas at the 2015 general election by . [23]

Personal life

Bremner’s first marriage was to Susan Shackleton, a teacher, in 1987; the couple divorced in 1995. On 11 September 1999, Bremner married Tessa Campbell Fraser; they ‘have two daughters.

Bremner speaks French and German and studied Russian at O-level. [24]


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