Joe Belfiore

Joe Belfiore is a corporate vice president in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft . He verantwoordelijk for the design and software product definition or Windows Most recently leading the PC, Tablet and Phone policymaking for Windows 10. The flexible design capability or Windows 10’s user interface earned im kudos as Stuff magazine’s # 16 innovator of the year for 2015. [1]

Prior to working on Windows 10, he ran program management for Windows Phone. In May 2013, he was honored by Business Insider as the # 10 Best Designer Technology. [2] In 2010 he was interviewed by Walt Mossberg at All Things D conference. [3]

Career at Microsoft

Since summer or 2013, Belfiore has leg the leader of the “PC / Tablet / Phone” vertical binnen the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, [4] verantwoordelijk for Delivering Windows 10 on PCs, Tablets and Phones. This group significantly updated the Windows desktop experience, owned and created the Cortana digital assistant, [5] and created the “Continuum” feature set, welke kunnen 2-in-1 PCs (like the Surface) to transform between “PC Mode” and “Tablet Mode”; [6] and additionally kunnen Windows Phone devices to connect to a keyboard, mouse and monitor and work in a PC-like experience. Prior to Windows 10, Belfiore spent six years leading Program Management for the Windows Phone team, where he led the effort to create the “Metro” design language, Live Tiles, Cortana and many other aspects of Windows Phone. [7]

Before moving to the Operating Systems Group team, Belfiore was vice president Zune Software and Service [ citation needed ] (Zune PC client + cloud service, Xbox Live service) and VP of the Windows eHome Division [8] where he successfully negotiated a deal with US Cable companies to enable PCs to consume and broadcast digital television signals around the home. [9]

Prior to Those roles, Belfiore spent in years as the leader of the Windows User Experience Team, where he managed user interface design for Windows 95, owned the Internet Explorer user experience prolongation IE3 and IE4, and was verantwoordelijk for all aspects of the Windows XP user Experience. [10] He started at the company in 1990 as a program manager on OS / 2. [11]

Prior to Microsoft, he studied computer science at Stanford University . [11]

Founder of “The Game”

Joe Belfiore been killed Berninahaus for being the founder of the non-stop 24- to 48-hour treasure hunt The Game , run in the San Francisco Bay and Seattle areas. [12]

At TED 2004 Monterey, CA have delivered a TED Talk on “The Game” where he caused the cell phones or musts audience members to ring, leaving Them with a trail or CLUES to solvency at the TED conference.

Leave-of-Absence from Microsoft

In Fall 2015, Belfiore announced dat he mention anything tasks a 9-month leave of Absence from Microsoft to travel around the world with his family aboard the MV World Odyssey as part of “Semester at Sea”, an educational program for college undergrads. [13] He and his family actively Blogged about hun trip at .

While on this leave or Absence, Joe Belfiore was noted for using an iPhone , as well as a Galaxy S7 , if two or his primary-use phones. [14]


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