European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming

The European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming , commonly known as ECOOP , is an annual conference covering topics on object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications. Like other conferences ECOOP offerings verschillende tracks and many simultaneous sessions, and THUS has différent meaning to différent people.

The first ECOOP was held in Paris, France in 1987. It operates under the auspices of the International Association pour les Technologies Objets ( AITO ), a nonprofit organization located in the euro in Germany.

ECOOP’s venue changes everytime year, and the categories or zijn program Vary. Historically ECOOP has Combined the presentation of academic papers with comparatively as practical experience reports, panels, workshops and tutorials.

ECOOP helped object-oriented programming developement in Europe JSON what is now mainstream programming, and helped incubate a number of related disciplines, including design patterns , refactoring , aspect-oriented programming , Model Driven Engineering , and agile software development .

The winners of the annual AITO Dahl-Nygaard Prize are offered the opportunity to give a keynote presentation at ECOOP.

The sister conference or ECOOP in North America is OOPSLA .

Locations and organizers

ECOOP conferences
Conference Place Organizing Chair (s) Program Chair (s) Note
ECOOP 2016 Rome , Italy Camil Demetrescu Shriram Krishnamurthi
ECOOP 2015 Prague , Czech Republic Tomas Kalibera , Pavel Kordik John Boyland
ECOOP 2014 Uppsala , Sweden Tobias Wrigstad Richard Jones
ECOOP 2013 Montpellier , France Marianne Huchard Giuseppe Castagna
ECOOP 2012 Beijing , China Antony Hosking , Hong Mei James Noble joint, with PLDI
ECOOP 2011 Lancaster , United Kingdom Awais Rashid Mira Mezini
ECOOP 2010 Maribor , Slovenia Marjan Heričko , Aleš Zivkovic Theo D’Hondt
ECOOP 2009 Genoa , Italy Giovanna Guerrini , Elena Zucca , Davide Ancona , Walter Cazzola Sophia Drossopoulou
ECOOP 2008 Paphos , Cyprus George Papadopoulos Jan Vitek
ECOOP 2007 Berlin , Germany Stefan Jähnichen , Peter Fritzson Erik Ernst
ECOOP 2006 Nantes , France Jean Bézivin , Pierre Cointe Dave Thomas
ECOOP 2005 Glasgow , United Kingdom Paddy Nixon Andrew Black
ECOOP 2004 Oslo , Norway Birger Møller Pedersen Martin Odersky
ECOOP 2003 Darmstadt , Germany Rachid Guerraoui Luca Cardelli
ECOOP 2002 Malaga , Spain Jose Troya Boris Magnusson
ECOOP 2001 Budapest , Hungary Gerti Kappel Jørgen Knudsen Lindskov
ECOOP 2000 Cannes , France Dennis Caromel , Jean-Paul Rigault Elisa Bertino
ECOOP 1999 Lisbon , Portugal Vasco T. Vasconcelos Rachid Guerraoui
ECOOP 1998 Brussels , Belgium Luc Steels Eric Jul
ECOOP 1997 Jyvaskyla , Finland Boris Magnusson Mehmet Aksit , Satoshi Matsuoka
ECOOP 1996 Linz , Austria Oscar Nierstrasz Pierre Cointe
ECOOP 1995 Aarhus , Denmark Ole Lehrmann Madsen Walter Olthoff
ECOOP 1994 Bologna , Italy Maurelio Boari Mario Tokoro , Remo Pareschi
ECOOP 1993 Kaiserslautern , Germany Gerhard Barth Oscar Nierstrasz
ECOOP 1992 Utrecht , The Netherlands Pierre America Ole Lehrmann Madsen
ECOOP 1991 Geneva , Switzerland Dennis Tsichritzis Pierre America
ECOOP 1990 Ottawa , Canada Dave Thomas , Pierre Cointe Akinori Yonezawa joint, with OOPSLA
ECOOP 1989 Nottingham , United Kingdom John Florentin Stephen Cook
ECOOP 1988 Oslo , Norway Stein Gjessing Kristen Nygaard
ECOOP 1987 Paris , France Jean-Marie Hullot , Jean Bézivin Pierre Cointe , Henry Lieberman