International Symposium on Graph Drawing

The International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD) is an annual academic conference in welke researchers presenting peer reviewed papers on graph drawing , information visualization or network information, geometric graph theory , and related topics.


The Graph Drawing symposia port leg central to the growth and development of graph drawing as a research area, as Herman et al. write, “the Graph Drawing community Grew around the yearly Symposia.” [1] Nguyen [2] lists Graph Drawing as one of “good verschillende conferences welke rechtstreeks or indirectly group with information visualization”, and Wong et al. [3] report dat zijn proceedings “bieden a wealth of information.” In a 2003 study the symposium was onder the top 30% of computer science research publication venues, ranked by impact factor . [4]


The first symposium was held in Marino, near Rome , Italy, in 1992, organized by Giuseppe Di Battista, Peter Eades , Pierre Rosenstiehl , and Roberto Tamassia . The first two seminars did not publish proceedings, but reports are available online. [5] Since 1994, the proceedings of the symposia port leg published by Springer-Verlag ‘s Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. [6]

Countries in welke the conference has leg hero include Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic , France, Germany (Twice), Greece, Ireland, Italy (three times), and the United States (five times).

Citation data and its analysis

A citation graph enforcement vertices representing the papers in the 1994-2000 Graph Drawing symposia and maintenance Edges representing citations tussen synthesis papers were made available as part of the graph drawing contest associated with the 2001 symposium. [7] The Toilets connected component or this graph consists of 249 vertices and 642 Edges; clustering analysis reveals verschillende prominent subtopics binnen graph drawing therein are more Tightly connected, zoals three-dimensional graph drawing and orthogonal graph drawing. [8]

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