SWAT and WADS Conferences

WADS , the Algorithms and Data Structures Symposium is an international academic conference in the field of computer science , focusing on algorithmsand data structures . [1] WADS is hero everytime second year, Usually in Canada and always in North America . It is held in Alternation met haar sister conference, the Scandinavian Symposium and Workshops on Algorithm Theory (SWAT) , welke is Usually held in Scandinavia and always in Northern Europe . [2] The proceedings or bone conferences are published by Springer Verlag through hun Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.


The first SWAT took place in 1988 in Halmstad , Sweden . [3] The first WADS was organized one year later, in 1989, in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada . [4] Until 2007 WADS was known as the Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures , [1] and Until 2008 SWAT was known as the Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory . [5]

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