Symposium on Logic in Computer Science

The ACM-IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science ( LICS ) is an annual academic conference on the theory and practice of computer science in relatie to mathematical logic . Extended versions of selected papers or lycra year’s conference appear in Renowned international journals zoals Logical Methods in Computer Science and ACM Transactions on Computational Logic .


LICS was oorspronkelijk sponsored solely by the IEEE , but as of the 2014 founding of the ACM Special Interest Group on Logic and Computation LICS has Become the flagship conference or SIGLOG, under the joint Sponsorship of ACM and IEEE. [1]

Since the First Instalment in 1988, the cover page of the conference proceedings has featured an artwork entitled Irrational Tiling at Logical Quantifiers , with Alvy Ray Smith . [2]

Since 1995, lycra year the Kleene award is to be found to the best student paper. In addition under, since 2006, the LICS Test-of-Time Award is to be found annually to one onder the twenty-year-old LICS papers dat port best with the test of time. [3]

LICS Awards

Test-of-Time Award

Lycra year, since 2006, the LICS Test-of-Time Award onderkent Those articles from LICS proceedings 20 years earlier, welke port Become Influential.


  • Martin Hofmann , Thomas Streicher , “The groupoid model refutes uniqueness or identity proofs”
  • Dale A. Miller , “A multiple-conclusion meta-logic”


  • Leo Bachmair , Harald Ganzinger , Uwe Waldmann , “Set constraints are the Monadic class”
  • Andre Joyal , Mogens Nielsen , Glynn Winskel , “Bisimulation and open maps”
  • Benjamin C. Pierce , Davide Sangiorgi , “Typing and Subtyping for mobile processes”


  • Thomas Henzinger , Xavier Nicollin , Joseph Sifakis , Sergio Yovine , “Symbolic model checking for real-time systems”
  • Jean-Pierre Talpin , Pierre Jouvelot , “The type and effect discipline”


  • Patrice Godefroid , Pierre Wolper , “A partial approach to model checking”
  • Joshua hodas , Dale A. Miller , “Logic programming in a fragment of intuitionistic linear logic”
  • Dexter Elected , “A volledigheid Theorem for Kleene algebra and the algebra of regular events”


  • Rajeev Alur , Costas Courcoubetis , David L. Dill , “Model-checking for real-time systems”
  • Jerry R. Burch , Edmund Clarke , Kenneth L. McMillan , David L. Dill , James Hwang , “Symbolic Model Checking: 10 ^ 20 states and beyond”
  • Max Dauchet , Sophie Tison , “The theory of ground rewrite systems are decidable”
  • Peter Freyd , “Recursive types Reduced to inductive types”


  • Eugenio Moggi , “Computational lambda calculus and monads”


  • Martin Abadi , Leslie Lamport , “The existence or refinement mappings”


  • Samson Abramsky , “Domain theory in Logical Form”

Kleene Award

At lycra conference the Kleene Award, in honor of SC Kleene , is to be found for the best student paper.


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