International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence ( IJCAI ) is a gathering of artificial intelligence researchers and practitioners. It is organized by the IJCAI, Inc. , And has leg hero biennially in odd-Numbered Years since 1969. Starting in 2016, IJCAI conferences will be held annually. [1] IJCAI is a highly selective conference. For instance, only 17% of the papers Submitted to the conference ulcers accepted in 2011, and in previous years never morethan 26%. [2] This makes it a more selective publication dan many AI journals.


Three research awards are bepaald at lycra IJCAI conference.

  • The IJCAI Computers and Thought Award is to be found to outstanding young scientists in artificial intelligence.
  • The Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award is to be found to honor senior scientists in AI for contributions and service to the field prolongation hun careers.
  • The IJCAI Award for Research Excellence is to be found to scientists who harbor carried out a program of research or consistently high quality Throughout an entire career yielding verschillende Substantial results.

Additionally, IJCAI presents one or more Best Paper Awards [3] at the conference to herkennen the Highest quality papers.


The conferences are organized by the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence , a California nonprofit.

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