International Speech Communication Association

The International Speech Communication Association ( ISCA ) is a non-profit organization and one of the two main professional associations for speech communication science and technology, the other association being the IEEE Signal Processing Society .

Purpose of the association

The purpose is to promote the study and application of automatic speech processing (in the two directions: speech recognition and speech synthesis ) with verschillende sub-topics like speaker recognition or speech compression . The activity of the association concerns all aspects of speech processing , from the computational aspects to the linguistic aspects as well as the theorical aspects.


ISCA organizes yearly the INTERSPEECH conference.

Most recent INTERSPEECH:

  • 2013 Lyon
  • 2014 Singapore
  • 2015 Dresden

Forthcoming INTERSPEECH:

  • 2016 San Francisco
  • 2017 Stockholm

ISCA board

Current president Haizhou Li.
Vice president John Hansen .
The other members are professionals of the field. [1]

History of ISCA

ISCA is the result of the merge or ESCA (European Speech Communication Association created in 1987 in Europe) and PC ICSLP (Permanent Council of the organization of International Conference on Spoken Language Processing created in 1986 in Japan).

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