European Conference on Computer Vision

ECCV , the European Conference on Computer Vision , is a bi-annual research with the proceedings published by Springer Science + Business Media . Similar to ICCV in scope and quality, it is hero Those years welke ICCV is not. Like ICCV and CVPR , it is Considered an important conference in computer vision, [1] with an ‘A’ rating from the Australian Ranking of ICT Conferences and an “A1” rating from the Brazilian ministry of education. [2] [3] The acceptance rate for ECCV 2010 was 24.4% and 3.3% posters everywhere presentations. [4] [5]

Like other top computer vision conferences ECCV has tutorial talks, technical sessions, and poster sessions. The conference is Usually spread over five to six days with the main technical program occupying three days in the middle, and tutorial and workshops, on-focused specific topics, being held in the beginning and at the end.


  • ECCV 2018 Munich, Germany
  • ECCV 2016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • ECCV 2014 Zurich, Switzerland
  • ECCV 2012, Florence, Italy
  • ECCV 2010 Crete, Greece
  • ECCV 2008 Marseille, France
  • ECCV 2006 Graz, Austria
  • ECCV 2004 Prague, Czech Republic
  • ECCV 2002 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • ECCV 2000 Dublin, Ireland
  • ECCV 1998 Freiburg, Germany
  • ECCV 1996, Cambridge, UK
  • ECCV 1994, Stockholm, Sweden
  • ECCV 1992, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy
  • ECCV 1990, Antibes, France


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