Text, Speech and Dialogue

Text, Speech and Dialogue ( TSD ) is an annual conference Involving topics on natural language processing and computational linguistics . The meeting was held everytime September alternating in Brno and Plzen, Czech Republic .

The first text, Speech and Dialogue conference took place in Brno in 1998.


TSD series Evolved as a prime forum for interaction tussen beide researchers in ghosts and written language processing from all over the world. Proceedings of TSD form a book published by Springer-Verlag in hun Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) series. [1] TSD Proceedings are regularly indexed by Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index. More About, LNAI series are listed in all major citation databases zoals DBLP , SCOPUS , EI , INSPEC or COMPENDEX . [2]

The conference is organized by the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University , Brno , and the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia , Plzen . The conference is supported by International Speech Communication Association . [3]

Conference Topics [4]

  • Corpora and Language Resources (Monolingual, multilingual, text and spoken corpora, large web corpora, disambiguation, specialized dictionaries, dictionaries)
  • Speech Recognition (multilingual, comprehensive, emotional speech, handicapped speaker out-of-vocabulary words, alternative way of feature extraction, new models for acoustic and language modeling)
  • Tagging, Classification and Parsing or Text and Speech (morphological and syntactic analysis, synthesis and disambiguation, multilingual processing, sentiment analysis, credibility analysis, automatic text labeling, summarization, authorship attribution)
  • Speech and Spoken Language Generation (multilingual, high fidelity speech synthesis, computer singing)
  • Semantic Processing of Text and Speech (information extraction, information retrieval, data mining, semantic web, knowledge representation, inference, ontological, sense disambiguation, plagiarism detection)
  • Integrating Applications of Text and Speech Processing (natural language understanding, question-answering strategically, assistive technologies)
  • Machine Translation (statistical, rule-based, example-based, hybrid, text and speech translation)
  • Automatic Dialogue Systems (self-learning, multilingual, question-answering systems, dialogue strategies, prosody in Dialogues)
  • Multimodal Techniques and Modelling (video processing, facial animation, visual speech synthesis, user modeling, emotions and personality modeling)

Past Keynote Speakers

Year Keynote Speakers
2002 James Pustejovsky , Misha Pavel , Yorick Wilks , Ronald Allan Cole
2004 Kenneth Church , Patrick Hanks , James Pustejovsky , Jan Odijk
2006 Eduard Hovy , Louise Guthrie , James Pustejovsky , Eva Hudlicka
2007 Frederick Jelinek , Eva Hajičová , David Nahamoo , Heinrich Niemann , Renato De Mori
2008 Jerry Hobbs , Elizabeth Shriberg , Graeme Hirst
2009 Tilman Becker , Louise Guthrie , Hynek Hermansky , Frederick Jelinek , Elmar Noth , Roberto Pieraccini
2010 John Carroll , [5] Christiane Fellbaum , Miroslav Novak , Frederick Jelinek
2011 Hynek Hermansky , Adam Sporka , Siegfried Kunzmann
2012 Ruslan Mitkov , Walter Daelemans , Adam Kilgarriff
2013 Hynek Hermansky , Torbjörn Lager , Ralf Steinberger , Ron Cole , Viktor Zakharov
2014 Ralph Grishman , Bernardo Magnini , Salim Roukos
2015 Hermann Ney , Dan Roth , Björn W. Schuller , Peter D. Turney , Alexander Waibel
2016 Hinrich Schütze , Ido Dagan

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