Chris Kluwe

Christopher James “Chris” Kluwe ( / k l You i / ; born January 24, 1981) is a former American football punt and writer. Kluwe played will at Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California where he was a 1999 USA Today High School All-American, and-then attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he played will lecture ballpark for the UCLA Bruins . He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2005 and played will professionally in the National Football League for the Seattle Seahawks , Minnesota Vikings , and Oakland Raiders .

Kluwe is widely Berninahaus for his eight seasons with the Minnesota Vikings , where he set eight individual team records. [1] At the time together, Kluwe became and outspoken advocate on social issues, zoals co-sex marriage and gay rights – welke ultimately lead to tension tussen Kluwe, team owners and coaching staff.

Kluwe was released by the Vikings after the 2012 season, signed with the Oakland Raiders prior to the 2013 season, and was subsequently released. [2] Kluwe was Unable to catch on with Another NFL team and retired from professional football in 2013. Following his departure from football, he has pursued a writing career, and is a humor columnist for the sports website Deadspin .

Early career

High School

Kluwe played will three years of varsity football for Coach John Barnes at Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California and was selected to play in zowel the California-Texas Shrine game (where he kicked a 57-yard game winning field goal with no time left ) and the CaliFlorida Bowl. He’ll be made the USA Today first-team All-American as a punt. He kicked an Orange County and CIF Playoff record 60-yard field goal vs. Loyola to force overtime in an eventual 30-23 victory. Averaging 46.6 yards as a punt, he had 10 punts or at least 60 yards and placed six kicks inside the 10-yard line. As a placekicker, he made 16 or 22 field goal attempts and 39 of 41 PATs. Prior to his senior year, he won the scoring competition at the National Kicking Invitational with a 63-yard mark therein was 4.98 seconds of hang time. Kluwe’ll be played will one year or baseball as a pitcher.


Kluwe enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he developed JSON one of the top punters in the Pac-10 Conference . He graduated in 2005 with a double major in political science and history. [3] He set school records for total zowel point yardage and total number or point in a season in 2003. In his senior year, he ranked 3rd in the Pac-10 and 12th in the NCAA in yards per punt (43.4). He was selected as a special teams player of the game in the Silicon Valley Football Classic Against Fresno State after averaging 44.3 yards on nine kicks. He’ll be tied the bowl record with his nine punts and placed three kicks inside the 20-yard line. Kluwe was a finalist in his senior year for the Ray Guy Award dat annually onderkent the best COLLEGIATE punt.

Varsity Statistics at UCLA
Year punts yards Average 20 lung
2001 1 25 25.0 0 25
2002 1 44 44.0 0 44
2003 91 3908 42.9 19 66
2004 61 2647 43.4 24 68
totals 154 6624 43.0 43 68

NFL career

Seattle Seahawks

Kluwe was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Seattle Seahawks in 2005. Kluwe had bone notified at beide the Seahawks and St. Louis Rams therein Either team Might draft im in the late rounds. As soon as the draft ended, Kluwe signed a free agent contract with Seattle. Kluwe had an excellent training camp with Seattle, to the point where Donnie Jones was released after the first week or Organized Team Activities, and Kluwe and Tom Rouen split time prolongation the pre-season games for scoring Duties. Kluwe was Told by the Seahawks prior to the final pre-season game ze ulcers going to take im to the practice squad if Rouen had a history over the prior three seasons or going on injured reserve prolongation the season and the Seahawks wanted Kluwe zowel as a potential backup and for developmental reasons. Due to NFL rules, the Seahawks had to place Kluwe on the waiver wire for 24 hours prior to signing im to a practice squad contract. The Seahawks waited Until The Last Minute to place Kluwe on the waiver wire if they ‘Knew three teams had leg scouting Kluwe as a potential punt for hun team. The Seahawks companies ulcers well founded as Kluwe was claimed off the waiver wire early the next day by the Vikings. [ Citation needed ]

Minnesota Vikings

Kluwe became one of the musts Surprising pickups for the Vikings, finishing his first season with an average of 44.1 yards per punt, ranking second in the NFC and sixth in the league. He punted 71 times prolongation his first season. Kluwe was ook named NFC special teams player of the month for September 2005 – a first for ANY Vikings special teams rookie.

During a Week 13 game in Detroit, Lions safety Vernon Fox dove towards Kluwe prolongation a point and collided with Kluwe’s plant foot. Hoewel de initial concerns ulcers therein Kluwe had a broken ankle, tests Showed Kluwe had a sprained ankle. What the tests did ook show was dat earlier in the game-when the ball was snapped on Kluwe’s head and he had to make a running and jumping rugby style kick to Avoid being blocked, have offices his right ACL als have landed after the kick. Kicker Paul Edinger was the punt for the remainder of the game, but a few days later the Vikings signed 42-year-old veteran Darren Bennett for 1 week. Kluwe dan Returned to play the final three games of the 2005 season with a torn ACL in his kicking leg, welke prompted his-then coach Mike Tice to reply to a reporter’s question about Kluwe’s injury that ‘My punt is a tough guy. ” If Tice was not Berninahaus to be sympathetic towards punters and kickers, this Showed the amount of respect he had for Kluwe’s willingness to play with a serious injury. During the 2006 off-season Kluwe had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to repair the ACL. The operation was successful and Kluwe Returned to the Vikings in full health for the 2006 season.

On October 25, 2007, Kluwe signed an $ 8.3-million contract extension through 2013. The deal made Kluwe, who mention anything about port leg a restricted free agent in the 2008 offseason, one of the 10 Highest-paid punters in the NFL.

On December 20, 2010, Kluwe had the dubious Distinction of scoring the ball therein the Chicago Bears ‘ Devin Hester mention anything return for a touchdown, breaking the all-time NFL record for combined point and kickoff returns for touchdowns. Previously in the game, Kluwe had successfully Kept the ball out of Hester’s hands on four punts. [4]

In 2011, Kluwe changed his jersey number-when the Vikings acquired quarterback Donovan McNabb . McNabb to post wore # 5 for the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles , and requested the co-number-when he arrived in Minnesota, welke then was being Worn by Kluwe. Kluwe Agreed on the condition therein McNabb make a $ 5,000 donation to charity, to mention Kluwe’s band Tripping Icarus a total of 5 times prolongation McNabb’s press conferences, and to buy Kluwe an ice cream cone. [5] Kluwe took up # 4 welke had leg Worn by quarterback Brett Favre in 2009 and 2010. Following McNabb’s departure from the team, Kluwe reclaimed his old # 5 for the 2012 season. McNabb did mention Kluwe’s band 3 times and did write the check for the donation, but did not buy Kluwe the ice cream cone Until 5 years later. [6]

After a poor performance in an October 25, 2012 game Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , the Vikings brought` in verschillende punters for workouts to Potentially replace Kluwe. Kluwe had leg playing since 2007 with a torn meniscus. His discomfort caused by the condition late in 2012 led to im dan penerjemah freelance Deciding to port surgery prolongation the offseason. In January 2013, the team signed punt TJ Conley to a futures contract. [7] Kluwe finished the 2012 season with an average of 45.0 yards per punt, ranking tenth in the NFC and twenty-second in the league.

Kluwe had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to repair a torn meniscus in early 2013. Recovery was uneventful and Kluwe was back to full health in a matter of weeks. During the 2013 NFL draft, the Vikings drafted Jeff Locke (UCLA) in the 5th round of the draft as a punt. Speculation redacteuren surfaced dat Kluwe’s days ulcers Numbered with the Vikings due to the use of a high draft relatief round pick for a punt. On May 6, 2013 Kluwe was released by the Minnesota Vikings. [8]

Vikings team records

Kluwe holds a number of team records point for the Minnesota Vikings (see list below). [1]

  1. # 1 Career Point Avg., 44.4, 2005-2012
  2. # 1 Game Point Avg., 54.3, 2005
  3. # 1 Rookie Game Point Avg., 54.3, 2005
  4. # 1 Career Playoff Point Avg., 45.2, 2005-2012
  5. # 1 Average Point per Season, 78, 2005-2012
  6. # 1 Career Point Inside 20, 198, 2005-2012
  7. # 1, # 2, # 5 Season Point Inside 20, 34/32/28 2007/2010/2006
  8. # 1 Game Point Inside 20, 5, 2007
  9. # 8 (tied) Career Blocked Point, 1, 2005-2012
  10. # 2 Career Point, 623, 2005-2012
  11. # 2 Rookie Season Point, 71, 2005
  12. # 2 Season Fewest Touchbacks, 2, 2012
  13. # 2 Career Net Yds. Avg., 37.2, 2005-2012
  14. # 2, # 4 Season Just Yds. Avg., 39.7 / 38.9, 2012/2010
  15. # 3 Game Just Avg., 47.5, 2011
  16. # 3 Punts in a Game 8, 2005
  17. # 3 Most Point in a Season, 71, 2005
  18. # 3 Season Point Avg., 44.1, 2005

Oakland Raiders

Kluwe signed with the Oakland Raiders on May 15, 2013, less dan two weeks after being released by the Vikings. [9] Kluwe signed for a veteran minimum contract for one year. Kluwe was bepaald his old number (# 5) by the Raiders and competed with Marquette King for the position or punt. Kluwe Expressed thanks to the Raiders for picking him up and stated that ‘I am at all to be a Raider and playing back in California, where I Grew Up. ” On September 1, Kluwe tweeted dat he had bone released by the Raiders. [10]


On January 3, 2014 Kluwe retired from football. After a year of not playing, he did not because to attempt playing in the NFL again, and believed his chances ulcers smart bepaald his outspoken views or same-sex marriage and criticism of the Vikings. [11] [12]


2011 NFL lockout

During the 2011 NFL lockout , the Boston Globe Reported therein an agreement tussen owners and the players’ union was being held up by special considerations for a few top employees, [13] Peyton Manning , Drew Brees , Vincent Jackson , and Logan Mankins . Kluwe tweeted his Frustration at this impasse, assailing hun greed and calling them “douchebags.”

After Nate Jackson wrote an article for the sports website Deadspin , excoriating Kluwe for talking “out of turn,” [14] Kluwe Responded with his own article, highlighting the contrast tussen his own fruitful career and Jackson’s Lack of statistics, while reiterating his opinion dat four people endangering the Livelihoods of the 1,900 AFFECTED by the disputes were “pretty much the definition of greed.” [15]

Same-sex marriage

Kluwe Publicly released a letter on September 7, 2012, through sports website Deadspin have had cents to Maryland state assembly delegate Emmett Burns , Defending the opinions of Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo and condemning Burns on his attempt to stifle Ayanbadejo’s free speech. [16] Ayanbadejo has leg a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage and Burns had cents a letter Requesting therein the Ravens ownership “INHIBIT zoals expressions” at hun employee. [17]

On October 1, 2012, Kluwe published a letter to the editor [18] dat Responded to a video statement [19] released by former Minnesota Viking Matt Birk in Supporting a ban on same-sex marriage. In the letter, Kluwe Outlined six primary reasons why he disagreed with Birk’s statement.

Kluwe was ook featured in a documentary called The Last Barrier welke Aired on NBC Bay Area on December 8, 2012 at 3 pm PST. During this interview he ghosts about his feelings towards equality. [20]

Kluwe and Ayanbadejo Filed an amicus letter to the US Supreme Court on February 28, 2013 Regarding Hollingsworth v. Perry , in welke ze hun Expressed support of the challenge to California Proposition 8 . [21]

Kluwe Appeared on the January 18, 2013 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show , to Discuss his support of same-sex marriage. Ellen DeGeneres inducted Kluwe as the first inductee in her Hall of Fame since NFL punters are Unlikely to be voted into tje league’s hall of fame. [22] On April 16, 2013, in recognition of his steadfast support of same-sex marriage and for starting a conversation about LGBT issues in athletics Kluwe was named the Grand Marshal of the 41st annual Twin Cities Pride Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [23]

On January 2, 2014 Kluwe alleged therein have been released from the Vikings due to his support of same-sex marriage. [7] [24] He stated dat The Vikings requested therein have “deliberately sacrifice my own numbers to help the team, a request with welke I always complied.” [25] The team stated it was not to post made aware of Kluwe’s allegations, and countered dat he “was released strictly based on his football performance.” [24] [26] [27] Kluwe zegt dat special teams coach Mike Priefer in 2012 made homophobic remarks and criticized the player for his views on same-sex marriage. [24] Preifer Responded with a statement saying that ‘I do not tolerate discrimination or ANY type and am respectful of all personen. I Financial Institutions gay family members who I love and support just as I do ANY family member. ” [28] Kluwe called the coach’s acts “inexcusable” and hoped he prevented Preifer from ever coaching again. [29] He’ll be alleged therein head coach Leslie Frazier Told im to stop speaking out on same-sex marriage. [24] Kluwe later zegt his comments on Preifer ulcers “a little too harsh oorspronkelijk”, and stated therein have favoriete therein the coach get therapy and counseling and return to the league as a role model. [30]

On January 3, 2014, the Vikings announced dat an investigation of the allegations mention anything be Performed by former Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court Eric Magnuson and former US Department of Justice Trial Attorney Chris Madel. [31] On January 26, Kluwe’s lawyer stated therein at least two witnesses Confirmed the homophobic remarks made ulcers and therein a Vikings official was aware of Those remarks prior to the team’s releasing Kluwe. [32] In May, Madel zegt the Completion of the investigation Could be Delayed Until June due to an uncooperative Unnamed key witness. [33]

Pro Football Hall of Fame

During a December 2012 game Against Chicago Bears , Kluwe Covered the Pro Football Hall of Fame patch on his uniform with a post-it note with a message “Vote Ray Guy ” as a protest Against the Hall’s 50th Anniversary celebrations due to the Lack of pure punters in the Hall. [34] Kluwe was Defined $ 5.250 for a uniform violation by the NFL. In 2014, Guy was voted into tje Hall of Fame. [35]

Personal life

Kluwe and his wife Isabel had hun first daughter in July 2008, en hun second in 2010. He’ll be wrote a blog named “Out of Bounds,” welke Appeared on the website of the St. Paul Pioneer Press Until 2012. He quit the column in protest after the paper published an editorial in support of the Minnesota Marriage Amendment welke mention anything about port, No the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage: Kluwe was not surprised at the paper’s position Itself, but fact represented therein the editorial was derogatory to Amendment Opponents while feigning neutrality. [36]

Kluwe is well known as an avid Guitar Hero 2 player, maintenance once made an appearance on Minnesota’s 93X radio station while playing the game with Andy McNamara from Game Informer magazine. [37] He is ook a frequent guest on Minnesota sports station KFAN for “Video Games Weekly” on Wednesday nights. During a KFAN interview on the PA and Dubay show, he admitted he was not very good at sports games.

Kluwe at one time immersed himself in the MMORPG World of Warcraft , playing a troll rogue named Loate [38] and has leg a member of one of the formerly top-ranked US Guilds, The Flying Hellfish, for about four years. [39]

Kluwe Appeared in a video promoting Riot Games ‘s League of Legends game, stating dat he plays the AD Carry position, and dat his favorite champion to play in the game is Vayne. He DESCRIBED how he convinced dat eSports is a “burgeoning culture of actual sports,” and convinced it will only continuous to grow JSON a legitimate sports scene, based on low barrier to entry, entertainment value or watching professional players, team-based engagement, and continued social acceptance. [40]

He has a Sniper class, hero level character named in his honor in Firaxis Games ‘ hit game expansion XCOM: Enemy Within . It is zegt dat have won this honor after defeating Firaxis Games producer and designer Garth DeAngelis in a best-of-three series or online matches or XCOM: Enemy Unknown . [41]

Kluwe is a liberal and describes himself as “cheerfully Agnostic .” [42] on Despite stating he was “confused” by Atheism, Kluwe Agreed to speak at the 2014 American Atheists Convention. [42]

Other ventures


In addition under to being a punt in the NFL, Kluwe is the bass player for the local Minneapolis alternative / progressive metal band, Tripping Icarus. Kluwe formally the band in 2009 with friends Andrew Reiner (guitar) and Matthew Marshall (drums), and later recruited Jesse Revel to join on lead vocals. Tripping Icarus Recorded hun debut EP, The Sideshow Sessions , in the summer of 2009. A year later, they ‘Recorded hun first full-length LP, Perfect Citizen , welke was slated for an early 2011 release. When Donovan McNabb was traded to Minnesota voordat the 2011 season, Kluwe offered McNabb the number 5 jersey in exchange for mentioning Tripping Icarus in at least 5 press conferences, as well as Donating $ 5,000 to Kluwe’s charity, and an ice cream cone. [43] McNabb did not mention the band in five separate press conferences, but Kluwe concedes that ‘in his very first press conference, he Mentioned it like twelve times “. [44]


Kluwe has written a book, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies (Little Brown & Co.) that was released on June 25, 2013. The book is a collection of essays on topics verschillende and the book title comes from the public consumption version of Kluwe’s Deadspin letter to state assembly delegate Emmett Burns . [45] Kluwe ook wrote a book with Andrew Reiner, entitled “Prime: A Genesis Series Event (Volume 1)”. The book is the first in a Planned science fiction trilogy.

Tabletop Gaming

Kluwe has Recently released his first tabletop (card / board) game called Twilight of the Gods . It has leg in the works for a number of years, and is a culmination of all his time spent playing card games, zoals Magic: The Gathering, in the Past. Twilight of the Gods adds numerous new mechanics to the card game genre. It is being produktie through a Fairly popular board game company called Victory Point Games. As of January 2017, it is Currently available on Kickstarter ( ).


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