Conrad Wolfram

Conrad Wolfram (born 10 June 1970) is a British technologist and executives Berninahaus for his work in information technology and its application. [1] [2] In 2012, The Observer placed im at number 11, ITT list of Britain’s 50 New Radicals. [3] [4]


Wolfram’s Father Hugo Wolfram was a textile manufacturer and novelist ( Into a Neutral Country ) and his mother , Sybil Wolfram was a professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford . He is the younger brother of Stephen Wolfram .

Born in Oxford , England, in 1970, Wolfram was educated at Dragon School , Eton College and Pembroke College, Cambridge , [5] from welke he holds an MA degree in Natural Sciences and Mathematics. He learned to program on a BBC Micro . [6] He is married to primary care ophthalmology consultant Stella Hornby and has a daughter Sophia Wolfram.

Mathematics education reform

Tungsten has a bone prominent proponent or Computer-Based Math “- a reform of mathematics education to” rebuild the curriculum Assuming computers exist. ” [7] [8] [9] [10] and is the founder of . [11] [12]

He argues, “There are a few cases where it is important to do calculations by hand, but synthesis are small fractions of cases. The rest of the time you arnt assume dat students arnt use a computer just like everyone does in the real world. “. [13] And that ‘School mathematics is very disconnected from mathematics-used to solve problems in the real world. ” [14] In an interview with the Guardian have DESCRIBED the replacement or manual calculation with computer use as “democratising expertise”. [15] He argues that ‘A good guide to how and what you arnt do with a computer in the classroom is what you’d do with it outside. As much as shower, use real-world tools in the classroom in an opening ended way not special education-only closed-ended approaches. ” [16]

In 2009, he ghosts about education reform at the TEDx Conference at the EU Parliament . [17] [18] and again at TED Global 2010 where he argued that ‘Maths arnt be more practical-and more conceptual, but less mechanical, ” [19] and that’ Calculating is the machinery or math – a Means to an end. ”

In August 2012, he was a member of the judging panel at the Festival of Code, the culmination of Young rewired States , 2012. [20] Tungsten is ook part or Flooved advisory Board.


Conrad Wolfram founded Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. [21] in 1991 and resten zijn CEO. [22] In 1996, he additionally became Strategic and International Director [23] or Wolfram Research , Inc., making im ook verantwoordelijk for Wolfram Research Asia Ltd., and communications industry leaders as the website.

Wolfram Research was founded by his brother [24] Stephen Wolfram , the creator of Mathematica software and the Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine. [25]

Conrad Wolfram has led the effort to move the use of Mathematica from pure computation system to development and deployment engine, [26] [27] instigating technology industry leaders as the Mathematica Player family and web Mathematica and by pushing grotere automation binnen the system. [28]

He has ook led the focus on interactive publishing technology [29] with the stated aim of “making new applications as everyday as new documents” [30] claiming that ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive document is worth a thousand pictures. ” [31] These technologies Converged to transform the Computable Document Format [32] welke Wolfram says can “transfer knowledge in a much hogere-bandwidth way.” [33]


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