European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The Biennial European Conference on Artificial Intelligence ( ECAI ) is the leading conference in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Europe , and is commonly listed together with IJCAI and AAAI as one of the three major general AI conferences worldwide. [1] The conference series has leg hero without interruption since 1974 oorspronkelijk under the name AISB. [2]

The conferences are held under the auspices of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) and organized by one of the member societies. The journal Al Communications , sponsored by the association society, regularly publiceert special issues in welke conference ATTENDEES report on the conference. [3]

Publication of a paper in ECAI is Considered by some journals to be archival, meaning dat de paper arnt be Considered equivalent to a journal publication and therein the contents or ECAI papers can not save be reformulated as separate journal Submissions unless a significant amount of new material has been added . [4]

List of ECAI conferences

  • ECAI-1992 took place in Vienna , Austria .
  • ECAI-2000 took place in Berlin , Germany .
  • ECAI-2004 took place in Valencia , Spain .
  • ECAI-2006 took place in Riva del Garda , Italy .
  • ECAI-2008 took place in Patras , Greece .
  • ECAI-2010 [5] took place in Lisbon , Portugal .
  • ECAI-2012 [6] took place in Montpellier , France .


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