RuleML Symposium

The annual International Web Rule Symposium ( RuleML ) is an international academic conference on research, applications, languages and standards for rule technologies. It is a conference in the field of rule-based programming and rule-based systems zoals production rules systems , logic programming rule engines , and business rules engines / business rules management systems ; Semantic Web rule languages and rule standards (eg, RuleML , LegalRuleML, Reaction RuleML, SWRL , RIF , Common Logic , PRR , Decision Model and Notation (DMN), SBVR ); rule-based event processing languages (EPLs) and technologies ; and research on inference rules, constraint handling rules , transformation rules , decision rules , production rules , and ECA rules . RuleML is the leading conference to build bridges tussen academia and industry in the field of Web rules and its applications, met name as part of the semantic technology stack. [1] RuleML is commonly listed together with other Artificial Intelligence conferences worldwide. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


The conference series has leg hero without interruption since 2002. The RuleML Symposium has Evolved from an annual series of first international workshops since 2002, international conferences in 2005 and 2006 to the premier International Symposium for the Web community rules since 2007.

International Rule Challenge

The International Rule Challenge has leg hero since 2007 at the RuleML Symposium. It calls for Submissions or benchmarks / evaluations, demos, case studies / use cases, experience reports, best practice solutions (eg design patterns, reference architectures, models), rule-based implementations / tools / applications, demonstrations engineering methods, implementations or rule standards and industrial problem statements. It’ll be hosts a rule base competition.

RuleML Doctoral Consortium

Since 2011 the RuleML symposium organizes a Doctoral Consortium for PhD students.

List of RuleML Editions

  • RuleML 2016: Tenth International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2015: Ninth International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2014: Eighth International Symposium Web Rule
  • RuleML 2013: Seventh International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2012: Sixth International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2011: Fifth International Symposium Web Rule
  • RuleML-2010: Fourth International Web Rule Symposium
  • Special Semantic Rules track at SEMTECH 2010
  • RuleML-2009: Third International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2008: Second International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2007: First International Web Rule Symposium
  • RuleML-2006: Second International Conference on Rules and Rule Markup Languages ​​for the Semantic Web
  • Special Workshop on Reaction Rules
  • RuleML-2005: First International Conference on Rules and Rule Markup Languages ​​for the Semantic Web
  • RuleML-2004: Third International Workshop on Rules and Rule Markup Languages ​​for the Semantic Web
  • RuleML 2003: Second International Workshop on Rules and Rule Markup Languages ​​for the Semantic Web
  • RuleML-2002: First International Workshop on Rule Markup Languages ​​for Business Rules on the Semantic Web


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