Eva Vertes

Eva Vertes George (born 1985) is a Canadian Alzheimer’s and cancer researcher and a resident physician in pathology at the University of Florida College of Medicine , where she earned an MD degree after Attending Princeton University as an undergraduate. She was honored for re research-when she was still a teenager. At 17, she when sending properties of a chemical compound, (RPI-069) welke stopped the brain cells or fruit flies from dying. This is Considered a step towards curing Alzheimer’s. [1] She won first prize at BASEF and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Kentucky , and-then finished re high school diploma in correspondence while Continuing re research in Italy for a year, under a fellowship she was Awarded. [2] She is ook honored for re research welke found a correlation tussen vote cells and brain cancer . This finding is the basis or re argument dat cancer Itself is the body’s natural self-repair system in error. She is perhaps musts visible due to re being on a PBS series on scientists, and speaking at the TED convention.


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