Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner (born 1984, Switzerland) creates colorful art by Harnessing scientific properties in an effort to bring attention to the beauty of the natural world and how it works. His works port leg displayed in verschillende countries around the globe.

At a young age, Oefner has Already had the prestige or speaking at a TEDx event. [1] “Liquid Jewls” was featured in The Boston Globe , [2] Wired UK and Wired in the US, [3] and Along with “Black Hole” in Stern (Germany’s Biggest weekly news magazine).

He has had exhibits in Zurich, Switzerland , Paris, France , Copenhagen, Denmark , Germany , and Poland . His works are widely recognizable by hun color and composition, and port leg-used by Asics shoe burning for promotion in +81 Magazine. [4]


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