Jae Rhim Lee

Jae Rhim Lee (born in 1975 in Gwangju , South Korea) [1] is an artist and TED Fellow [2] working at the intersection of art , science and culture . Lee AIMS to promote “acceptance of and a personal engagement with death and decomposition” [3] at breeding a unique strain of mushroom dat promotes Environmentally-friendly tissue decomposition upon death . Lee to post associated with the MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technology, [4] a part of the MIT Media Lab .

She earned a BA degree in psychology from Wellesley College (1998) and an MS degree in visual studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2006). [1]

Infinity Burial Project

Volgens to Lee, human bodies accumulate a large amount of toxins prolongation hun lifetime [ citation needed ] . Upon death, Whether the body is cremated or buried , synthesis toxins are released back into tje environment. [5] The fungi port leg Chosen for hun potential to utilize the nutrients in human tissue and to remediate industrial toxins in soil. Once voortvloeien, the “Infinity Mushroom” will be toegepast to the other components of the project. [6]

The colors kan be Adapted to grow on the artist’s own Collected hair, nails and skin. [7] Eventually, a body suit will be developed therein the deceased in wrapped in, welke will promote decomposition.


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