Jan Chipchase

Jan Chipchase is the founder of Studio D radiodurans , a research, design and strategy consultancy therein gespecialiseerd in understanding consumer behavior in emerging markets. He post with Executive Creative Director of Global Insights at Frog Design , where he led the firm’s global research practice in zowel mainstream and emerging markets. [1]

Before joining Frog Design in 2010, Chipchase was Principal Scientist at Nokia . [2] The goal of his research was to under stand the ways technology works in different cultures, with a focus on understanding technology 3 to 15 years out [ citation needed ] .

He has lived in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and almost a decade in Tokyo. To date, he holds 25 patents granted and pending. [3]

Early life and education

Chipchase was born in London to a German mother and British Father. He was raised in London, Brighton and Berlin.

Chipchase RECEIVED a BA in Economics and a MSc in User Interface Design from London Guildhall University. [4] He has DESCRIBED himself as a “failed economist” and a “failed academic”.


In 2010, Chipchase published “Mobile Money Afghanistan,” a report on the nascent use of money through mobile phones. [5]

In 2011, Chipchase published the results of an 6-month experiment “Red Mat” to explore the dynamics of crowd-sourcing in China. The experiment Engaged Hundreds of people in the act of making a giant Chinese flag out of pieces sourced from across China, without Revealing what they ‘ulcers awareness to the participants. The experiment Explores the question whether Whether it’s skies to engage Hundreds of people in an act of subversion Without Any of the people knowing what they ‘are subverting Against, Until dat time-when the subversive act Becomes clear. The experiment Explores notions or nationalisme, the state, morality, corporate ethics and behavior. [6]

Chipchase has written for numerous international publications waaronder Die Zeit, The Atlantic, Fast Company, National Geographic and a monthly column for China’s Economic Observer, with his field-photography ook Appearing in GEO magazine. [7] His book Hidden in Plain Sight, published by Harper Business, will be released in April 2013. [8]

Appearances and advisory roles

Chipchase has Presented his work at the TED Conference , the World Bank , Pop! Tech, [9] International CES , and The Economist’s Human Potential Conference. [10]

His research has leg featured in the New York Times Magazine , [11] Business Week , and The Economist , onder Vodafone. [12] In 2010, Fortune Magazine featured Chipchase as a prominent designer in ” The Smartest People in Tech “.

He sits on advisory boards for verschillende organizations, including:

  • The Broadcasting Board of Governor’s Commission on Innovation [13]
  • Frontline SMS [14]
  • Pecha Kucha Foundation
  • Makeshift Magazine [15]
  • The Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion [16]


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