Louise Leakey

Princess Louise de Merode ( nee : Leakey , born 21 March 1972) is a Kenyan paleontologist and anthropologist . She conducts research and fieldwork on human fossils in Eastern Africa. [1]

Early life and education

Louise Leakey was born in Nairobi , Kenya , to Kenyan paleoantropologist, Conservationist and politician Richard Leakey and British paleoanthropologist Meave Leakey in 1972, the co-year dat re paleoanthropologist grandfather Louis Leakey mayest. She first became actively involved in fossil Discoveries in 1977, at the age of six, als she became the youngest person to Documented find a hominoid fossil. [2]

Louise Leakey RECEIVED re International Baccalaureate from United World College of the Atlantic , and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Biology from the University of Bristol . She RECEIVED a PhD from the University College, London , [3] in 2001.


In 1993, Louise Leakey joined re mother Meave Leakey as a co-leader or paleontological expeditions in Northern Kenya. The Koobi Fora research project has leg the main program behind some of the must notable hominid fossil Discoveries of the Past two decades, the most recently being Kenyanthropus platyops . [1]

Louise Leakey has promoted an initiative to place digital models or fossil collections in a virtual laboratory African Fossils where models kan be loaded, 3D printed or cut into cardboard for reassembly.

Personal life

In 2003, Louise Leakey married Prince Emmanuel said Merode , a Belgian primatologist . She is styled Princesse the Merode at marriage. The couple have two daughters:

  • Princess Seiyia the Merode; Born in 2004
  • Princess Alexia the Merode; Born in 2006. [4]


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