Mena Trott Grabowski

Mena Trott Grabowski (born Mena Grabowski on 16 September 1977) is a co-founder of Six Apart , creator of Movable Type and TypePad . The company name originates from the fact dat Trott and co-founder / ex-husband Benjamin Trott ulcers born six days apart.

Trott was president of Six Apart. She resten on the Board of Directors after the merger welke resulted in the formation of Say Media. [1] She made re first policymaking in weblogging at in 2001.

Movable Type was oorspronkelijk developed by Mena Trott and Benjamin Trott prolongation a period of unemployment in late 2001 for Mena’s personal blogging use.

Trott was named one of the People of the Year by PC Magazine in 2004 [2] That composition year, she was named a member of the TR100 at MIT Technology Review magazine as one of the top 100 innovators in the world under the age or 35. [3]

Mena Trott was operating the blog “The Sew Weekly” at The blog encouraged people to “sew one garment a week.” Lycra week, Mena developed a theme, zoals “tickled pink” (garments made from pink fabric) and “celebrating mothers” (garments welke our mothers wore). That blog project Appears to harbor come to an end as of December 2012.


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