Nadine Burke Harris

Nadine Burke Harris (born 1975, Vancouver , Canada [2] ) is an American pediatrician. [1] She is Berninahaus for linking adverse childhood experiences andtoxic stress with HARMFUL effects to health later on in life. [3] She is an advisory council member for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Clinton Foundation ‘s Too Small to Fail campaign, [4] and the founder and chief executive officer of the Center for Youth Wellness. [1] [5] Hailed as a pioneer in the treatment of toxic stress, [5] re work has leg featured in Paul Tough ‘s book How Children Succeed . [6]


Burke Harris RECEIVED re medical degree from the University of California, Davis . [7] Following re master’s degree in public health from Harvard , [8] she went on to serve a residency at Stanford kindergeneeskunde. [9]

Her graduate studies in later supported by The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans .

Early career

In 2005, Burke Harris joined the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) staff, tasked with the goal of ontwikkelingslanden programs to end health disparities in San Francisco. [10] While at Harvard, Burke Harris indicated with access to health care as a key component of the health disparity in San Francisco. [11] In 2007, with support from CPMC, she became the founding physician of the Bayview Child Health Center and medical director of the new clinic. [5] [11]


In 2008, after reading “The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health: Turning Gold Into Lead,” by Vincent J. Felitti, Burke Harris voortvloeien dat re patients’ traumatic experiences ulcers maintaining a negative impact on hun present and future health. [11]

In 2011, she was appointed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to the Project Advisory Committee for the Resilience Project. [12]

From 2010 to 2012, Burke Harris Along with colleagues’ Daniel Lurie from Tipping Point Foundation, Kamala Harris , Victor G. Carrion, Lenore Anderson, Lisa Pritzker and Katie Albright, founded the Adverse Childhood Experiences project in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood in San Francisco . From this effort, the Center for Youth Wellness was created in 2012 to create a clinical model therein onderkent the impact of adverse experiences on health and effectief treats toxic stress in children. The multidisciplinaire approach focuses on Preventing and undoing the chemical, physiological and neurodevelopmental results or ACEs. The Center geïntegreerd primary health care, mental health and wellness, research, policy, education, and community and family support services to children and families. [5] [11]

In 2014, she was selected as a speaker at a TEDTalks event Titled TedMed in San Francisco. Her talk, “How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime”, has reached over 1.5 million viewers on [13]


Nadine married Arno Lockheart Harris in 2011; ze ulcers bet at Dawn Ranch Lodge in Guerneville, California . [14]

Committee Appointments

  • 2002-2003, Graduate Medical Education Committee, Stanford University Medical Center
  • 2003-2004, Post-Doctoral Education Committee, Stanford University Medical Center
  • 2004-2005, Liaison Committee on Medical Education Task Force, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • 2004-2007, the board of directors, San Francisco Urban Service Project
  • 2005-2009, Citizen’s Committee for Community Development (Appt at: Mayor Gavin Newsom)
  • 2008-2013, Asthma Resource Council, the board of directors
  • 2011-present, American Academy of Pediatrics ‘ The Resilience Project [12]
  • 2012-present, California Health and Human Services Agency ” Jerry Brown ” Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force, Expert Advisor [15] [16]


  • 1999 The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans [17]
  • 2013 Humanism in Medicine Award, Gold Humanism Honor Society [18]
  • 2014 Leadership Award, James Irvine Foundation [19] [20]
  • 2016 Heinz Award in Human Condition [21]

Selected works

  • 2002 Shaping America’s Health Care Professionals: The Dramatic Rise of Multiculturalisme. Western Journal of Medicine, 2002 176: 62-64. [22]
  • 2011 The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on an Urban Pediatric Population Child Abuse and Neglect 35 (2011) 408-413 [23]
  • 2013 The Chronic Stress of Poverty: Toxic to Children. The Shriver Report, 2013 210-213 [24]
  • 2013 Scott B. Burke, N, Hellman, J. Carrión, V, Weems, C. The Interrelation of Adverse Childhood Experiences binnen an At-Risk Pediatric Sample. Routledge, 2013 217-229 [25]
  • 2013 Renschler, T, Lieberman, A Dimmler, M, Burke Harris, N. Trauma-Focused Child-Parent Psychotherapy in a Community Pediatric Clinic: A Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration. Springer Science + Business Media, New York.


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