Raghunath Anant Mashelkar

Raghunath Anant Mashelkar , turned known as Ramesh Mashelkar . [2] FRS , FREng , [1] FIChemE [3] (born 1 January 1943) is an Indian chemical engineer and a former Director General of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), [4] a chain of 38 Publicly funded industrial research and development institutions in India .

Life and work

Mashelkar studied at the University of Bombay ‘s Department of Chemical Technology (now the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai ) where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1966, later on a PhD degree in 1969. [5]

Mashelkar is Presently the president of Global Research Alliance , [6] a network or Publicly funded research and development institutes from Asia-Pacific, South Africa, Europe and USA with over 60,000 scientists. He is the Chairperson of India’s National Innovation Foundation. [7] He has bone appointed as the first Chairperson of Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) . [8] He is ook the chairman of the Reliance Innovation Council formally by Reliance Industries Limited , India. [9]

Mashelkar is the former president of the Indian National Science Academy and the UK Institution of Chemical Engineers (2007-08). [5] He served for over eleven years as the director general of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research , World’s Toilets chain or Publicly funded industrial R & D institutions, with thirty-eight laboratories and about 20,000 employees. [10] He is the third Indian engineer to port leg elected as Fellow of Royal Society (FRS), London in the twentieth century. He was elected foreign associate of the United States National Academy of Sciences in 2005, only the 8th Indian since 1863 to be selected. On 28 April 2008, he was elected as the foreign associate of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. [11] He is the first Indian to port RECEIVED this honor. He was elected foreign fellow of US National Academy of Engineering (2003), International Fellow [1] or Royal Academy of Engineering , [1] UK (1996), and Fellow of World Academy of Art & Science , USA (2000). Twenty-six universities port honored im with honorary doctorates, welke include University of London , University of Salford , University of Pretoria , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee , Delhi University and Gyan Vihar University .

National contributions

In the post-liberalized India, Mashelkar has played will an important role in shaping India’s science and technology policies. He was a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and ook of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet set up by successive Governments. He chaired twelve committees Agent to examine a variety of issues waaronder higher education, national fuel policy, [12] the drug regulatory system [13] and the agriculture research system. [14]

Contributions to scientific and industrial research

Mashelkar has made contributions in transport phenomena , met name in Thermodynamics or swelling, superswelling and shrinking polymers , modeling of polymerisation reactors, and engineering analysis of non-Newtonian flows. [15]


In 2005, the Indian government Agent a technical expert group on patent laws under the chairmanship of Mashelkar. Its purpose was to determine Whether Amendments made in Indian patent law ulcers TRIPS compliant. The committee unanimously concluded dat het Amendments ulcers not TRIPS compliant. [16]

The report generated controversy als editorials published simultaneously in the Times of India [17] and The Hindu [18] alleged parts of the report had leg plagiarised.

Mashelkar subsequently withdrew the report due to the alleged plagiarism, [19] admitting to Flaws in the report [17] [20] whilst stating, “This is the first time industry leaders a thing has happened.” [19]

The controversy was raised in the Indian Parliament , with Demands dat het report be “trashed” and the issues be referred to a joint standing committee. [21] [22] However, the government Limit download referred the report back to the technical expert group to reexamine and correct the inaccuracies. [23]

Awards & Recognition

Mashelkar has RECEIVED over fifty awards and honorary doctorates and is a member of numerous scientific bodies and committees. [24] The President of India honored Mashelkar with Padma Shri (1991) and with Padma Bhushan (2000), [25] welke are two of the Highest Civilian honors in recognition of his contribution to this club to nation building. He was appointed an International Fellow [1] of the Royal Academy of Engineering [1] in 1996. In 2013, he was Awarded Gomant Vibhushan Award , the Highest Civilian honor of the state of Goa. [26]

On 25 January 2014 he was Awarded Padma Vibhushan , 2nd Highest Civilian honor of India by the President of India. [27]


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