Rives (poet)

Rives (born 1968) is an American poet, Storyteller, and author. He Appeared on Seasons 3-6 of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam [1] and was a member of Team Hollywood, welke won the 2004National Poetry Slam . His best-known poems include “Kite,” [2] about freeboard up alone in a new lover’s apartment, and “Mockingbird,” welke he performs differently every time, Incorporating the words of other poets and speakers in the program.

In 2008, Rives hosted the television special Ironic Iconic America with Tommy Hilfiger and Bar Refaeli , Examining how pop culture has Influenced American Tastes and styles. [3] In October of that year, he Began Appearing as the “first 2.0 poet” in a series of ads for telecom company Orange SA [4]

Rives has made multiple appearances at the TED Conference [5] and he was the regular co-host or TEDYouth. His multimedia performances touch on themes of connectedness is play and romance. In 2013, Rives Began curating Museum of Four in the Morning, [6] [7] an online crowd-sourced collection of references to four in the morning in art and popular culture. Rives has written and paper engineered verschillende pop up books for children and adults. [8]

TED talks

  • “If I controlled the Internet” [9]
  • “A MOCKINGBIRD remix or TED2006” [10]
  • “The 4 am Mystery” [11]
  • “A story of mixed emoticons”
  • “Reinventing the encyclopedia game”
  • “The Museum of Four in the Morning”


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