Robert Mankoff

Robert “Bob” Mankoff (born May 1, 1944 [1] ) is an American cartoonist , editor , and author . He is the current cartoon editor for The New Yorker magazine. Before he SUCCEEDED Lee Lorenz as cartoon editor, Mankoff was a cartoonist for The New Yorker for twenty years.

Early life

Mankoff Grew up in Queens, New York , and attended Music and Art High School [2] (graduating in 1962) and Syracuse University (graduating in 1966). [3]


Mankoff Submitted more than 500 cartoons to The New Yorker for over two years voordat he had his first one published [2] in 1977 [4] One of his cartoons (Captioned “No, Thursday’s out. How about never-is never good for you? “) is one of The New Yorker ‘ s musts widely reprinted cartoons. [3]

In 1992, Mankoff founded the online Cartoon Bank, [5] a licensing platform for New Yorker cartoons and art, with morethan 85,000 cartoons available for sale. Mankoff was hired as New Yorker cartoon editor in 1997; [5] have credited his administration of the Cartoon Bank as being an important reason for why he was Chosen to replace Lorenz. [2] Tina Brown , The New Yorker ‘ s editor at the time, zegt or Mankoff, “Bob is not only a brilliant cartoonist himself, he’s ook een impassioned promoter, defender and curator of the art or Cartooning. … He’s put himself out to nurture cartoonists. ” [1]

Mankoff has stated dat his all-time favorite New Yorker cartoonist is Jack Ziegler . [2] He has ook Cited Shel Silverstein as an artist he mention anything harbor liked as a contributing cartoonist. [2] Under Mankoff, the magazine has brought` in a new generation of cartoonists (including a number of female contributors); notable names include Pat Byrnes , JC Duffy , PC Vey , Farley Katz , Emily Flake , and Julia Suits . Mankoff Usually Contributes a short article to lycra issue or The New Yorker , Describing some aspect of the Cartooning process or the methods-used to select cartoons for the magazine. [ Citation needed ]

Under Mankoff’s Stewardship in April 2005, the magazine Began using the last page or lycra issue for the subsequently very popular “The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest ” (prior dat date, the Caption Contest had Appeared as a back-page feature in the magazine’s annual “Cartoon Issue”). Mankoff himself Contributes cartoons to Moment magazine’s own monthly cartoon caption contest. [6]

As a Lecturer on the appreciation of humor, Mankoff is represented by the Leigh Bureau . [7]

Mankoff is Mentioned in MC Paul Barman ‘s song “Cock Mobster” on the 2002 album Paullelujah! [8]

Personal life

Mankoff and his wife Cory live in Briarcliff Manor, New York ; they ‘have one daughter together, Sarah. Cory had’ll be a sun who mayest in 2012. [3] [9]


The 2015 documentary, Very Semi-Serious , presents a behind-the-scenes look at the cartoons or The New Yorker , and features glimpses JSON Mankoff’s career, his current role at The New Yorker , and his personal life. The film was produktie at Redora Films.


  • Urban Bumpkins (St. Martin’s / Marek, 1985) ISBN 0312834306
  • Call Your Office (Topper Books, 1986) ISBN 0886872782
  • It’s Lonely at the Top (Ballantine Books, 1987) ISBN 0886873169
  • The Naked cartoonist: A Way to Enhance Your Creativity (Black Dog & Leventhal, 2002)
  • How About Never – Never Is Good for You ?: A Life in Cartoons (Henry Holt, 2014) ISBN 9780805095906 – published to positive reviews in The New York Times [10] and The Wall Street Journal [11]

Mankoff has edited at least 14 collections of New Yorker cartoons, zoals The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker (Black Dog & Leventhal, 2004), a compilation or everytime cartoon published since the magazine was founded; the hardcover book is a 656-page collection of the magazine’s best cartoons published prolongation 80 years, plus a double CD set with all 68.647 cartoons published to dat point.


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