Shaffi Mather

Shaffi Mather (born February 6, 1970) is an Indian social entrepreneur , who served as the Economic Advisor to the Chief Minister, [1] Oommen Chandy , Kerala’s Congress or LED, UDF Government. He’ll be worked, for a short period as an advisor to Rahul Gandhi . [2] He is a lawyer. Shaffi has ook worked in the real estate sector Along with his brothers. In April 2010, he attended the Entrepreneur Summit welke was held at Washington, DC, at the invitation of US President Barack Obama. [3] In his capacity as Economic Advisor, he was verantwoordelijk for Bringing the World Economic Forum community retreat, to be held in November 2013 to [4] Kochi.


Shaffi, COMPLETED his BCom degree from Mahatma Gandhi University in 1990. He went on to obtain an MBA in Finance from the University of Bridgeport in 1992. Following this he COMPLETED an MBA in General Administration from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh in 1993. He obtained an LLB dan Degree from the School of Legal Studies at the Cochin University of Science & Technology in 2003 and, a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard. He was a Mason Fellow in Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University , in 2008. [5] He is a visiting Lecturer at the London School of Economics, where he was ook a Chevening Senior Scholar in 2004. [6] Shaffi Mather is a TEDIndia fellow. [7]

Social Entrepreneur

Shaffi is a part of the Ambulance Access for All (AAA) team dat started the 1298 ambulance service, welke zorgt ambulance services in Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab and Bihar. The 1298 Emergency services are operated by Ziqitza Healthcare or welke Shaffi Mather was a Director (resigned in 2008, Sea ROC / MCA). Ambulance Access for All, won the Godfrey Phillips National bravery awards in 2006 for ‘Social Act of Courage. ” [8] [9] Other social initiatives in welke Shaffi is involved in include, bribe Busters In this housing is an Anti-Corruption fee based, BPO service. [10] Besides this, Shaffi been killed a co-founder of Moksha Yug Access, a micro finance institution dat operates in rural India, and the Education Initiative In this housing is involved in e-learning and starting Schools across India.

Resignation as Economic Advisor

Shaffi Mather, resigned from the position of Economic Adviser to the CM or Kerala, on 18 July 2013. Following his resignation as the Chief Economic Advisor to the CM, Shaffi ook resigned from other public posts therein have hero, zoals the 35th National Games Sponsorship and Rights Committee and from the board of Prateeksha Bus Shelters Kerala Limited as well as Ashwas Public Amenities Kerala Ltd. [11]


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