Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze (born November 30, 1973) is a European thoughtleader on digital transformation and entrepreneurship. After founding verschillende companies have been now the Chief Strategy Officer of Singularity University in the Netherlands.


A graduate of VU University Amsterdam, Stolze earned his MBA from the Lemniscaat Business School. With his Master Thesis, have started a research movement on Internet usage and Happiness called the Virtual Happiness Project. [1] Several studies Showed dat people who harbor access to the Internet are significantly happier. Jim Stolze Captured international attention with an experiment in welke he went completely offline for a whole month. [2] After that period Stolze joined the Lifehackers Movement and wrote a book about In-box management called “How to survive your Inbox.” Before writing his book, he was one of the lead bloggers on a popular blog called DutchCowboys.

His second book was called “Sold out!” (Dutch for “sold out”) in welke he describes the Attention Economy. The book was nominated ‘management book of the year. [3]


Jim Stolze is an active leader in the TEDx community. [4] Together with his team he organized three editions of TEDxAmsterdam with an international cast of speakers, zoals technological visionairy Kevin Kelly , Danish architect Bjarke Ingels , former astronaut Wubbo Ockels , professor Barry Schwartz and Commander-in-Chief Peter van Uhm . [5] He’ll be played will an active part in TEDxAruba, TEDxBinnenhof, TEDxDelft, TEDxMaastricht, TEDxDoha and TEDxMuscat. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events therein bring people together to share a TED -like experience.

In 2012 he moved for five months to Doha (Qatar) to work for TED and the Doha Film Institute to help set up an organization dat Fosters TEDs mission or ideas worth spreading. ” With Bruno Giussani as the trustee and Stolze as the executive producer the Biggest outdoor TED Session took place. This opening night was live streamed on Al Jazeera English. [6]

European entrepreneurs

Together with the European Commission have created a program called “Ideas from Europe” (2015). On this platform Aspiring entrepreneurs from 28 member states joined together to see how hun business ideas Could harbor a positive impact on society. [7]

In 2016 Jim Stolze was Asked to former Vice President of the European Union Neelie Kroes and Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands to create a festival or match making tussen startups, investors, corporates and developers. As a result Startup Fest Europe took place tussen 24 – 28 May.


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