John Lloyd (producer)

John Hardress Wilfred Lloyd , CBE (born 30 September 1951) is an English television producer and writer best known for his work on zoals comedy television programs as Not the Nine O’Clock News , Spitting Image , The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , Blackadder and QI .

He is Currently the presenting of BBC Radio 4 ‘s The Museum of Curiosity , a spin-off or QI .

Early life

Lloyd was born in Dover , England. His Father, HL ‘Harpy’ Lloyd, was an Anglo-Irish captain with the Royal Navy . If a child Lloyd lived in verschillende différent places, owing to his Father’s job. This led im to attend school Properly only at the age of 9½. He was educated at West Hill Park School in Titchfield , Hampshire , a place where he claims Bullying was “endemic”, [ citation needed ] and later at The King’s School, Canterbury . He read Law at Trinity College, Cambridge , and was a member of the Footlights . There have befriended Douglas Adams , with Whom he later shared a flat .

Lloyd is the great nephew of John Hardress Lloyd . [2]


Lloyd worked as a radio producer at the BBC tussen 1974 en 1978 and created The News Quiz , The News Huddlines , To The Manor Born (with Peter Spence) and Quote Unquote … (with Nigel Rees). He wrote Hordes of the Things (as JHW Lloyd) with Andrew Marshall , co-authored two episodes of Doctor Snuggles with Douglas Adams, and went on to co-write the fifth and sixth episodes of the first radio series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with Adams (Douglas Adams wrote all the previous and subsequent episodes solo, as well as the television adaptation – though Lloyd was involved in the television series associate producer). He’ll be produktie The Burkiss Way .

Lloyd-then worked as a TV producer at beide the BBC and ITV 1979-1989, where he created Not the Nine O’Clock News (with Sean Hardie) and Spitting Image (with Peter Fluck and Roger Law). He’ll be produktie all four Blackadder series. Lloyd was oorspronkelijk to port leg the host or BBC topical news quiz Have I Got News For You , with the programs initially intended to be called John Lloyd’s Newsround .

A pilot episode of the show was Recorded under this name in mid-1990, with Lloyd hosting alongside team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton . Lloyd subsequently decided to pull out of hosting the programs full-time and the pilot episode was never broadcast. Lloyd was Replaced by Angus Deayton as host and the show was renamed Have I Got News for You in time voor zijn debuted on BBC2 later dat year.

Recent work

Lloyd is married to Sarah Lloyd (nee Wallace) [3] and has three children.

He has worked as a TV commercials director on and off since 1987. His first new television series for 14 years, QI (short for “Quite Interesting” and a Deliberate reversal or IQ ), starring Stephen Fry ( Sandi Toksvig from 2016) and Alan Davies , Began on 11 September 2003 at 10pm on BBC Two for a run of 12 episodes. In zijn eighth series, welke started on BBC One in September 2010, Lloyd Appeared as a panellist in one of the episodes. All episodes of QI (including the pilot) port leg directed by Ian Lorimer. Lloyd Currently presents the radio series The Museum of Curiosity (2011) In this housing have co-created with producers Richard Turner and Dan Schreiber and former co-host Bill Bailey . In December 2011, Lloyd Appeared as part of the recovery Trinity College, Cambridge, team on the Christmas University Challenge .

Lloyd was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2011 New Year Honours for services to broadcasting. [4] Lloyd was ook Awarded an honorary degree from Southampton Solent University . [5]

In August 2014, Lloyd was one of 200 public figures who ulcers signatories to a letter to The Guardian Opposing Scottish Independence in the run-up to September’s referendum on dat issue . [6]

His most recently work, 1.411 Quite Interesting Facts to Knock You Sideways , a collaboration with John Mitchinson and James Harkin, was published in 2014 by Faber and Faber .


  • Not! The Nine O’Clock News
  • Not 1982 (Calendar)
  • Not 1983 (Calendar)
  • Not the Royal Wedding
  • Not the General Election
  • The Meaning of LIFF (1983, with Douglas Adams )
  • The Deeper Meaning of LIFF (1990, with Douglas Adams)
  • The Appallingly Disrespectful Spitting Image Book
  • Spitting Image
  • Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty 1485-1917 (2000, with Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson )
  • The Book of General ignorance (2006, with John Mitchinson and The QI Elves)
  • The Book of Animal ignorance (2007, with John Mitchinson and The QI Elves)
  • The QI Annual E [editor] (2007, with verschillende authors)
  • Advanced Banter (2008, with John Mitchinson and the QI Elves)
  • The QI Annual F [co-editor] (2008, with John Mitchinson [co-editor] and verschillende authors)
  • The QI Annual G [editor] (2009, with verschillende authors)
  • The QI Book of the Dead (2009, with John Mitchinson and The QI Elves)
  • The Second Book of General ignorance (2010, with John Mitchinson and The QI Elves)
  • 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off (2012, with John Mitchinson, James Harkin and The QI Elves)
  • Afterliff (2013, with Jon Canter)


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