ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

The ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology ( Uist ) is an annual conference for technical innovations in human-computer interfaces . Uist is sponsored by ACM SIGCHI and ACM SIGGRAPH . At impact factor, it is the must impactful conference in the field of human-computer interaction. [1] [2] Scott Hudson is the current chair of the Uist community , welke organizes the conference Uist.

Uist in 2014 was held in Honolulu , Hawaii , USA, 5-8 October 2014. Uist in 2015 will be held in Charlotte, NC USA 8-11 November 2015.


Uist is a highly selective conference, with an acceptance rate of 20.3% over the last five years. [3]

Past Conferences

Past [5] and future Uist conferences include:

Year City Country Program Chair General Chair (s) website
2018 Berlin germany Patrick Baudisch, Albrecht Schmidt
2017 Quebec City Canada Chris Harrison, Jen Mankoff Krzysztof Gajos
2016 Tokyo Japan Jacob O. Wobbrock Daniel Avrahami Jun Rekimoto, Takeo Igarashi
2015 Charlotte, NC US Bjoern Hartmann, Tovi Grossman Celine Latulipe
2014 Honolulu, HI US Mira Dontcheva Daniel Wigdor Hrvoje Benko
2013 St Andrews UK Ivan Poupyrev, Takeo Igarashi Shahram Izadi, Aaron Quigley
2012 Cambridge, MA US Hrvoje Benko, Celine Latulipe Rob Miller
2011 Santa Barbara, CA US Maneesh Agrawala , Scott Klemmer Jeff Pierce
2010 New York City US Mary Czerwinski , Rob Miller Ken Perlin
2009 Victoria, BC Canada François Guimbretière Andrew D. Wilson
2008 Monterey, CA US Michel Beaudouin-Lafon Steve Cousins
2007 Newport, RI US Ravin Balakrishnan Chia Shen / Rob Jacobs
2006 Montreux switzerland Ken Hinckley Pierre Wellner
2005 Seattle, WA US then Olsen Patrick Baudisch / Mary Czerwinski
2004 Santa Fe, New Mexico US James Landay Steve Feiner
2003 Vancouver, BC Canada Gregory Abowd / Blair MacIntyre Joseph A. Konstan
2002 Paris France W. Keith Edwards Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
2001 Orlando, FL US Beth Mynatt Joe Marks
2000 San Diego, CA US Scott Hudson Mark Ackerman / W. Keith Edwards
1999 Asheville, NC US Joe Marks Brad Vander Zanden
1998 San Francisco, CA US Rob Jacobs Elizabeth Mynatt
1997 Banff, Alberta Canada Chris Schmandt George Robertson
1996 Seattle, WA US Marc Brown David Kurlander
1995 Pittsburgh, PA US George Robertson Brad A. Myers
1994 Marina del Rey, CA US Steve Feiner Pedro Szekely
1993 Atlanta, GA US Randy Pausch Scott Hudson
1992 Monterey, CA US Mark Green Jock Mackinlay / Mark Green
1991 Hilton Head, SC US Jock Mackinlay James R. Rhyne
1990 Snowbird, UT US Scott Hudson then Olsen
1989 Williamsburg, VA US then Olsen John Sibert
1988 Banff, Alberta Canada John Sibert Mark Green


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