Ola Rosling

Ola Rosling is a Swedish statistician Berninahaus for his work for Gapminder on changing global quality of life. He is the chairman, director and co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation. [1]

Rosling co-founded the Gapminder Foundation together with his wife Anna Rosling Rönnlund and his Father Hans Rosling . Ola Rosling leading the development of the Trendalyzer software dat Converts international statistics JSON moving, interactive graphics. [2] The software was Bought by Google in 2007 [3] and Ola Rosling and his team worked for Google from dan one. Ola Rosling, Google’s Public Data Product Manager. [4]

For this work he and his wife ulcers Awarded with the World Technology Award in Design in 2010. [1]


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